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#1 for Rug Cleaning in Sandy, OR

Fresh Carpet & Floor Care offers a variety of professional floor cleaning services including carpet, area rugs, upholstery, tile and grout, hardwood, laminate, vinyl plank, and linoleum for residential and commercial customers.

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  • Over 345 5-Star Reviews

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Rug Cleaning Professionals in Sandy, OR

We Don’t Just Clean, We Care!  fresh carpet and floor care bubbles icon

Does your beloved rug have a stain? Or perhaps it’s just looking sad from years of use. Of course, you want to ensure that your investment, your heirloom, or your rug that represents an important memory for you is cleaned and cared for in the best manner possible.

You want someone who will care for your rug as much as you do, with experience and access to professional-grade equipment. When you’re looking for Sandy professional rug cleaning services that you can count on, Fresh Carpet & Floor Care is the way to go. Read our reviews, contact us with questions, and book your service today!

See why we are the top choice when it comes to rug cleaning in Sandy, OR.


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Our Special Process

Our Rug Cleaning Process
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  • Step 1: Rug Material Identification

    Rugs come in a wide variety of fiber types, lengths, and styles, and each has unique cleaning needs. Our technicians begin their work by ensuring that they know what they’re working with.

  • Step 2: Cleaning Solution Application and Agitation

    Cleaning agents are an essential part of the cleaning process. Once we’ve locked down the composition of your rug, we apply the appropriate cleaning solution and work it deep into the rug pile, where it can do the vital work of beginning to break down grime.

  • Step 3: Steam Cleaning or Washing

    We use the appropriate temperature of water for your rug to activate the cleaning solution and extract broken-down dirt and oils. Synthetic rugs commonly made of polypropylene can take high heat, whereas natural fiber rugs like wool take lower heat. After this stage, your rug is clean!

  • Step 4: Drying

    Drying is a critical stage in the cleaning of any rug. A rug must dry evenly and completely, or discoloration or mold may result. We encourage you to dry your rug somewhere other than where it normally lies (i.e. the garage or a balcony railing) to ensure proper drying.

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More than Just a Rug Cleaning Company  fresh carpet and floor care bubbles icon

Apart from rug cleaning, we offer a variety of other services to keep your home or business clean and your family healthy! Find out how we keep homes in Sandy clean by clicking the services!

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Get on your way to a
cleaner home or business!
5-Star Rating
Testimonials  fresh carpet and floor care bubbles icon

Jackie Warrington  fresh carpet and floor care reviews
Jesse is very professional and detailed. Takes his time, has great equipment and explains the whole process. My husband and I have been in Real Estate & New construction & this is the best job in 25 yrs.

Vashti Stanley  fresh carpet and floor care reviews
Jesse took his time and didn’t rush. Liked how he didn’t push me to adding more on to what I was having him come out to clean and was honest. Definitely will have him back to do more carpet and hardwood floor cleaning!

Lissa Hettervi  fresh carpet and floor care reviews
Our bedroom carpet was a mess from our dogs and cats and now it looks practically brand new again. I couldn’t believe the hair that came out of it even though we vacuum regularly. It smells so clean and fresh there now and I was surprised how fast it dried. We will definitely have Jesse come again.

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Our Rug Cleaning Results

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Rug Cleaning Services Near You!  fresh carpet and floor care bubbles icon

Rug Cleaning in Sandy, OR and the surrounding area is what we do. See how we can meet your service needs wherever you are by viewing our service areas!