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#1 for Hardwood Floor Cleaning in Riverside, OR

Do you have dirty, stained, or worn hardwood floors? We offer professional hardwood floor cleaning in Riverside, Oregon and the surrounding areas! Check out why your neighbors chose us for their hardwood floor cleaning services!

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We Don’t Just Clean, We Care!

Affordable Hardwood Floor Cleaning in Riverside

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Except for periodic stripping, sanding, and sealing, owning a hardwood floor is supposed to be easy. So why hire a Riverside hardwood floor cleaning service? Especially when there are products out there which seem to be so helpful in keeping your hardwood shining?

Professional hardwood floor cleaning achieves a deeper clean than can be achieved with typical cleaning tools and supplies in your home. In order to achieve better-looking results, many people trust in special products which actually end up leaving residue behind that actually attracts dirt and grime. The result: it doesn’t take long for your floors to end up looking dirtier than before you cleaned.

While we certainly don’t discourage anyone from doing what they can to ensure the cleanliness of their home, we also want to recognize that there’s a reason we’re in this business. Professional hardwood floor cleaning services use special pH-balanced solutions, buffers, and trained crews to ensure that your hardwood floors come out looking the best they possibly can. See why we are the top choice when it comes to hardwood floor cleaning services in Riverside, OR.


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Our Hardwood Floor Cleaning Reviews in Riverside

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Results You Deserve

Our Hardwood Floor Cleaning Results

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Results in Riverside

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Our Special Process

Our Hardwood Floor Cleaning Process For Riverside

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  • Step 1: Remove Dry Particulates

    First, we microfiber dust or vacuum dust to remove all dry particulates off the floor. This prepares the surface for deeper cleaning.

  • Step 2: Scrubbing

    The primary reason that wood floors need to be cleaned is the accumulation of grease and grime which becomes more embedded in the surface of the floor over time. We apply a variety of professional grade wood floor cleaning products and scrub it in with a heavy duty buffer. The combination of a variety of products and the right equipment is no match for at home mops like a swiffer, wet jet, etc. This is one of the benefits of using our professional Riverside hardwood floor cleaning services.

  • Step 3: Extraction

    An “Auto Scrubber” uses a vacuum to suck cleaning solution up and lightly rinse away any solution so there’s no residue remaining. Removing excess cleaning solution is crucial and something not done by traditional mops. This ensures your floors have been properly cleaned, thoroughly rinsed, and almost dry!

  • Step 4: Dry

    Now that your wood is clean we need to get it dry as quickly as possible. To do this we use absorbing cotton pads on a buffer to remove any excess moisture and residual dirt. Fans are then used to further speed up the drying process.

  • Step 5: Protect

    Want your hardwood to have a glossy look or maybe you prefer a more matte look? We offer an optional variety of floor finishes that will help protect your freshly cleaned floors and promote their natural beauty. We use professional hardwood floor protector products that do not contain waxes or cause rapid resoiling like many of that hardware store based home remedies. Our products are applied between 2-3x and will help make your floors truly sparkle.

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Carpet Cleaning Service and More in Riverside

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Step beyond sparkling carpets with Fresh Carpet & Floor Care! While our meticulous carpet cleaning has earned its praise, we’re much more than just rug rejuvenation. We’re your one-stop shop for transforming your Riverside home or business into a haven of immaculate floors and healthy air. Click through our services and unlock a world of possibilities.

Remember, a clean home or business isn’t just about aesthetics – it’s about your well-being. Let us be your trusted partner in creating a sparkling, healthy haven for you and your loved ones.

In Riverside, where fresh air and natural beauty reign supreme, shouldn’t your home or business reflect the same sparkling essence? At Fresh Carpet & Floor Care, we understand. We’re not just carpet cleaners; we’re your trusted partner in cultivating a healthy, vibrant space that exceeds expectations.

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Get on your way to a
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Hardwood Floor Cleaning Near Me

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services Near You!

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Hardwood floor cleaning in Riverside and the surrounding area is what we do. See how we can meet your service needs wherever you are by viewing our service areas!